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They Wannabe Alone

by | 16th, March 2006

‘YOU want some good news? Sure you can handle it? Ok, here goes: the Spice Girls will not be performing in a reunion tour.

Jack it in

Promoters had pencilled in dates for November and December this year to mark the tenth anniversary of the group’s debut single, Wannabe, getting to No.1 in the charts.

But the girls have thought better of it. A source tells the Sun that Melanie C, the band’s Coleen McLoughlin template – albeit in a shiny shellsuit to Coleen’s baggy velveteen number – wants to concentrate on her solo career.

Her Poshness is now “heavily into fashion”. The source says that Vicky realises the gig could be a “PR disaster”.

And the idea of a heavily pregnant Geri Halliwell fighting herself into a Union Jack dress and stacked heels to kick the air with Girl Power is frightening, and no way for a child to come into the world.

But not all parts of the act were against it. The Sun says that Melanie Brown, the Scary one, wanted to do it. And for personal reasons – some of which may be perverse and worthy of examination – Emma Bunton thought it was a good idea to reprise her role of Baby Spice.

But it is not to be. And we can now consign the Spices to history, along with Posh’s singing career…’

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