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by | 17th, March 2006

‘WHAT drives Lisa B – “MODEL, ACTRESS AND ANIMAL WELFARE CAMPAIGNER” – to cradle naked baby son Oscar into her silk robe?

Putting her eeyore in

Sure, it is entirely understandable that any woman would want the world to see her undressed child in Hello!’s pages, but there is more.

As Lisa sips a “vitality juice” at her local gym in Chelsea, and muses on how much work is entailed in raising a child AND finishing a book (writing one, not reading one), she explains all.

Lisa is dedicating this Hello! photoshoot to “those affected by the earthquake that devastated Pakistan last October”.

We are just certain that the Pakistani tribesmen and women leafing thought this week’s edition of Hello! will be thankful to Lisa. They may even shed a tear or two.

But Lisa B is not doing it for the people. Lisa is an ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and while working with charity The Brooke she noticed the plight of Pakistan’s donkeys. This photshoot is for them. The donkeys.

This is what drives Lisa to talk candidly about her current pregnancy, the lives of donkeys in Pakistan lending her condition resonance and perspective.

Lisa was doing a “serious fitness programme” and her belly was getting “really toned”. The “all of sudden” it started to look a little chubbier”. The earthquake, right? Wrong. Lisa was pregnant. She is now over three months gone.

How will she cope with two children under 14 months? Says Lisa: “I’ll be on my knees, even with a nanny!” She continues: “But I suppose it’s all about keeping to a routine with babies.”

Indeed. And so long as you know when the nanny’s turning up, you – and those donkeys – should be just fine.’

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