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Mother Of Pearls

by | 17th, March 2006

‘WORKERS have a car pool. Soap stars and footballers have a swimming pool. The Queen and her extended family have “the royal jewel pool”.

And when the President of Brazil comes to London, the women take a dip in the sapphire blue pool, and get absolutely soaking wet. They are dripping in the stuff.

As Hello! reports, for the official banquet, Her Majesty chooses a square-cut aquamarine and diamond necklace and matching earrings, given to her by the “people of Brazil” to mark her Coronation. For the full effect, she wears the matching bracelet.

Around her neck is also festooned the insignia of the Order of the Southern Cross, with matching broach. On her white dress are pinned cameo rosettes of her father, the late George VI, and another of the positively tardy Edward VIII.

It’s the kind of get up that would not look out of place at one of Brazil’s famous carnivals – the only difference being that Liz’s shiny stuff is real and not made from bottle tops and fish eyes.

Which brings us to Princess Michael of Kent, who wears a generous tiara, pearl earrings and a neck-bulgingly large necklace.

And then there is Camilla. If we harboured any doubts that she has been fully snuggled into the royal bosom, they are dispelled by knowing that she too is able to paddle in the glittering pool.

Camilla sports a tiara designed for the Queen Mother by Cartier, a diamond-fringed necklace and matching earrings.

She looks delighted – like she’s won the pools…’

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