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Bubble Trouble

by | 20th, March 2006



A selection of things that will kill you and yours from last week’s paper of doom…


“Binge-drinking epidemic ‘will make liver disease soar’” – Says British Society of Gastroenterologists


“The asthma trigger – Risk of childhood asthma increases in babies given antibiotics, scientists warn” – So suggest scientists at the University of British Columbia

“Did my beloved mother die too soon? It’s one of the biggest killers of women, but ovarian cancer rarely hits the headlines. Here actress GWYNETH STRONG says faster diagnosis could have saved her mother”

“NHS computer ‘puts patients at risk’” – Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford, files a “serious untoward incident” and notifies the National Patient Safety agency about “possible” risks

“Hospital and power plants face cuts as gas runs shorts” – If we run out of gas, hospitals will have to get their power from elsewhere

“Father dies after doctors miss cancer 37 times in 14 months” – The sad story of Peter Cura


“Cancer-risk toxin found in cod liver oil capsules” – Dioxins with your processed fish oils, madam?

“Two-year-old who has had a lifesaving heart operation halted seven times” – The trials of Lily Carter

“SO ARE NURSURIES BAD FOR CHILDREN? …yes, says a controversial new book by childcare guru Steve Biddulph. Here, he reveals why – having once been a supporter – he now believes nurseries DO damage pre-school children.” Well, he does have a book to sell…


“The hidden danger that can lurk in spa pools” – Government’s Health Protection Agency says pools can cause infection

“Do ALL Western women have an eating disorder? That’s the astonishing claim made by a magazine editor. So is it nonsense? Or disturbingly accurate” – Maureen Rice, editor of Psychologies magazines, takes a look at Posh Spice et al


“Warning to Atkins dieters after woman ends up in intensive care” – The diet can lead to ketoacidosis, caused by a dangerous build-up of ketones in the blood

“Cancer patient has wrong kidney taken out by surgeon” – John Heron, 64, is less than chuffed with the NHS’

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