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Football Hooligans

by | 21st, March 2006

‘LOOKING at Wayne Rooney it is hard to believe, but the Mail uses a headline to announce: “Playing football ‘turns children into hooligans’.”

He says that unless we let him score he’ll bomb our house

Psychologists at Glasgow Caledonian University questioned 169 children aged 14 and 15 about their hobbies and found that those who play football are more likely to play truant, take drugs and steal.

The sportsmen might be 4 per cent more likely to break the rules than girls who play no sports, but they are surely also more likely to be better at football. And that, as the Sun says, is what the Government wants more than anything.

Because, as the Sun reports, being good at football tackles “Britain’s yob culture”.

As part of a Government-sponsored campaign called Kickz, footballerz will take time out from swearing, spitting, fouling and cheating to get kidz on the path to righteous productivity.

Sadly, not everyone can be a professional footballer and earn thousands of pounds a week for a kicking ball, but at least now the kids can meet one, and that can only be a good thing.

Unless, of course, the protégés take the wrong message from their mentors and start to actually play the game, in which case they are on slippery path of self-destruction and Azbos…’

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