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Tony B’Stard

by | 21st, March 2006

‘TONY Blair is no longer Bambi, bouncing into the political forest with wet nose and bustling tail – he’s another star of fiction. He’s Alan B’Stard MP, the revolting venal Tory of the 1980s television series.

Tony Blair

The Telegraph says that B’Stard is to be recast from the sleazy Conservative of the Thatcher and John Major years into a slimy, self-serving, corrupt Labour MP. The New Statesman – Episode 2006: The Blair B’Stard Project will take the form of a stage play.

This is all a far cry from the halcyon days of 1997 when things could only get better. And it comes on the back of the Times’s front-page news on “Labour’s secret backers”.

It all sounds shadowy and devious. But the Guardian says that the Government decision to name the dozen businessmen who gave the Labour party £13.9m in loans is an attempt to “regain the moral high ground”.

It’s sure to be a steep climb. But the offensive is being led by John Prescott, who says that now Labour has named names, the Tories should do the same. As the Deputy Prime Minister says: “We call on David Cameron to match his words on openness with actions by publishing details of all the Tories’ loans.’

Conservative leader David Cameron, who, as the Telegraph says, has announced plans to include a £50,000 cap on donations to parties, is uninterested in that. He isn’t going to comment on loans made to his party before he became leader.

The Guardian does hear about the Tory’s attitude to loans from party treasurer Jonathan Marland. Says he: ‘It is a very, very good mechanism for us to help our cash flow. We could go to the bank and borrow within our limits. We prefer not to because you never know quite when you need an overdraft facility.”

Congratulations to Marland on making the Tories sound so very dull. While Prescott attempts to drag the Opposition into the cash for peerages scandal, Marland lends the Tories’ stance on loans and funding all the charisma and dynamism of a local council accountant talking about his new grey suit and propelling pencil.

In search of scandal, we return to the Times and “Labour’s secret backer” with yet more vigour. And hear of Rod Aldridge, the founding chairman of Capita, who loaned Labour over £1million.

The Telegraph hears Mr Aldridge say it was a ‘personal decision on my part’. The loan was for a year and he fully expects it to be repaid ‘along with the interest due after that period of time’.

To complete the picture, the Times notes that Capita has won over a £1billion of government contracts.

Do you think the two things are linked? Does mud stick?’

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