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by | 21st, March 2006

‘CAN it really be 11 years since Hugh Grant became forever inextricably linked with Divine Brown?

Grant as a bumbling foppish kerb crawler

OK! says it is. And because the magazine has made a name for itself being an authority in such matters, we feel that it is true.

Knowing that, we wonder what happened to Miss Brown (aka Stella Marie Thompson) after said dalliance in a white BMW parked on bucolic Hawthorn Ave, Los Angeles.

A crawl of the Internet tells us that something of Grant’s showbiz fairy dust rubbed off on Brown and in 1996 Divine played herself in the adult video/docudrama Sunset & Divine: The British Experience.

She also appeared before the Howard Stern show and the Beak when, perhaps looking for a Gant sequel, she was arrested in Las Vegas for prostitution and loitering.

In 1999, Brown appeared on TV’s Judge Judy. An online encyclopaedia tells us that she is currently working as a prostitute at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch near Carson City, Nevada.

And Grant? Well, the wooden one went on to date Jemima Khan, play a bumbling fop on Comic Relief (prices on application), Notting Hill, Mickey Blue Eyes, Small Time Crooks and Love Actually and a bumbling, foppish sexual pariah in Bridget Jones films.

Aside from that he has embarked on what OK! calls “one long holiday”, taking in as many as a dozen trips in the past 18 months.

Now rested, he is happy to talk about that moment of madness. “On the private level, I think there was justification for scolding.” He continues: “But on the public level, I think it was a gross hypocrisy, and I spit in the face of the media that made such a big thing out of it.”

That the story of a white British actor, dating a white British actress (Liz Hurley), is arrested for lewd conduct with a black prostitute in Los Angles should count as news is lamentable.

That Grant now wants to spit at people is unpleasant. But what of this hypocrisy? Is Grant suggesting that members of our noble Fourth Estate have been cavorting with prostitutes? Perhaps Grant would care to name names. Or show us the mugshots…’

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