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Return Of The Mummy

by | 22nd, March 2006

‘FIRST she marries Prince Charles and now Camilla has been voted Spouse of the Year “for her strength and conviction in the public eye”. So much for horse-faced Camilla, the wicked stepmother who did down our Princess of Hearts.

A plummy mummy

Right it is that Camilla should appear in the Mirror smiling broadly as she realises her latest triumph. She is “thrilled to bits” (Mirror) and “absolutely knocked out” (Sun).

We who have forgiven Camilla much would surely now forgive her some more were she to toss her head back, let loose her expensively maintained mane and break into a celebratory cantor.

But there is a time and there is a place for such antics, and standing in one of Egypt’s oldest mosques while on a Royal tour with her husband is neither.

The Mirror looks at the demure “CAMILLA OF CAIRO”, her head covered in a white hood, and notes her smile. The Sun prefers to look at Camilla’s bare feet (“Duchess of Corn-wall”) and focus on her red nail polish.

But it is the Mail which surveys the entire scene and senses something else. What is it about Camilla that looks so familiar? Why, if it isn’t “Echoes of Diana”.

As the paper reports, 14 years ago, Diana made a visit with Charles to the same Egyptian place of worship. For that trip, Diana wore a lime–green dress “which had fashion critics in raptures”.

The Mail duly jogs more memories of the late fashionistas by raiding the picture archives and producing three shots of Diana in her mosque chic.

To compare and contrast Diana with Camilla, the Mail also prints three shots of wife No. 2, who can be seen in a dove-grey calf-length tunic and white silk trousers.

She looks pretty good does Camilla, every inch the Spouse of the Year; never more so than when the Mail notices Charles slip as he climbs a set of stone steps. “You were told not to do that,” Camilla tells him, wagging her finger for added drama.

But Camilla should not be so harsh. Might it be that Charles did not trip, but was knocked from his regal stride by some other force? As the Star says on its front page: “DIANA’S GHOST HAS ROYALS BY THE GHOULIES.”

Is it any wonder the heir to the throne can’t walk properly..?’

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