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Pink Pounding

by | 22nd, March 2006

‘PINK, that faux punk poptart, is in London for a “secret” show, and one fan has forked out £1,500 for a ticket.

And don’t comeback

To the Sun, this is news. And to Pink’s PR it represents value for money and exposure for the singer who is coming to London to, as the chanteuse says, get the party started.

But nothing can begin until Pink has had a 12ft pole erected in her dressing room. The Mirror has consulted its insiders (or read another press release) and says Pink is planning to give husband Carey Hart a “sexy surprise” with a private dance before her show.

Of course she is. There can be no better way for a performer to warm up for the gig than by climbing a massive metal pole. Rock and roll, baby.

And while we thrill to that, and Pink’s insurers check the validity of the story, the Star says that something yet bigger is being planned.

The Star says that Pink wants to fight Paris Hilton live on stage. Paris says Pink is using her to try to launch her comeback. Pink says: “She says I used her for my comeback. Well, spell it, Paris. Spell comeback.”

While Paris get to grips with that challenge (“c…u…m…”), Pink invites her onstage for a punch up.

It’s something we would love to see. But at £1,500 for a ringside seat, and with Paris still working on her letters, the bout might not happen. In which case, we might have to leave it until Pink’s next comeback tour…’

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