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by | 23rd, March 2006

‘IT is a great pity that Camilla Windsor could not add the title of Celebrity Mum of the Year to that of Spouse of the Year. She came close.

Clothes airbrushed on for reasons of taste and decency

The Star shows us that the Duchess of Windsor came fourth in the poll, pipped in the final furlong by Sharon Osbourne, Jordan and Kate Moss.

Perhaps if her son, Tom Parker Bowles, had been linked with more salacious tales of drug abuse; perhaps if her daughter, Laura, had developed an eating disorder; perhaps if Charles had taken to screaming “Cazza!” as he stepped in some Corgi poo Camilla would have won.

We may never know. And Camilla will have to make do with just the one gong. Not that she is letting the pasture grow beneath her well-shod feet. As the Sun says, Camilla is not one for brooding and has “JOINED THE STRIPPERS”.

Before Camilla trots off with a Stripping Mum of the Year trophy, know that these strippers belong to the Women’s Institute – “famed for their NUDE calendars.”

As Camilla’s local WI president Judi Mason-Smith says: “The Duchess was very impressed with the real Calendar Girls but I don’t think she will follow in their footsteps.”

So what will Camilla get up to at monthly meetings at Tetbury Village Hall, near Highgrove?

The Sun mentions such racy activities as cake sales. And listening to the upcoming discussion: “The Sari: an Indian Tradition.”

Both activities may or may not involve nudity. But Camilla was fully dressed when the Mirror caught up with her in Egypt.

Many things do to with Camilla contain a horse theme, and Egypt is no exception. On visiting Cairo’s charitable equine sanctuary, Camilla gamely took hold of a carrot and offered it to a horse.

Which was a cue for Prince Charles to lean over and utter: “Your first carrot, darling.”

On first glance, that might sound a bit off, but when placed in the context of Charles comment on tampons, it adopts a sinister undertone. None the less so if Camilla is stripping…’

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