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Getting His Kicks

by | 24th, March 2006

‘PETE Doherty’s “F***wit” tour of the nation’s courtrooms is playing to rave reviews.

Kicking – the new habit

Doherty’s latest performance has made the Star’s front page. “DOHERTY ATTACKS RADIO 1 GIRL,” says the headline.

Inside the paper, readers see the fans massed outside Thames Magistrates’ Court, central London. Returning to the venue by police demand, Doherty went through his usual routine of pleading guilty to possessing drugs.

He confessed to seven charges of possessing heroin, crack and cannabis last December and January.

Doherty’s backing group, The Stenographers, hit the keyboards and recorded the show for posterity. Doherty performed. The judge listened. And the verdict was that Doherty was free to go.

Fans may like to make a note that Doherty will be appearing at the court again after his next review hearing on April 12 (tickets still available for that).

And the lucky few might just see something new. Returning to that front-page headline, we note how on emerging from the show, Doherty threw himself into a series of high kicks. The Star notes how his boot came into contact with Radio 1 reporter Trudi Barber, sending her microphone flying.

There is no word from Trudi, but it is believed she is doing fine, and vowing never to wash her microphone ever again…’

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