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by | 24th, March 2006

‘WE live in worrying times. Some would say they are dangerous. So why did three schoolboys think it was a good idea to take a picture of an official lamp post?

The war on terror goes on

What madness took hold of Danny Finn, 12, George Supple, 13, and Michael Fern, 13, causing them to pull out a mobile phone/camera and take a photo of a lamp post?

Happily, the police view such incidents with a furrowed brow. Two community police officers arrived on the scene. They assessed the situation. They spoke to the boys and issued Danny with paperwork. It reads: “Reason for stop: ‘Was seen taking photos of lamp post – spoken to.’”

Photos? The Sun says only one photo was taken. Was it one or was it more? While the Sun checks it sources, and the police interview the officers involved, young Danny returns to his home and presents his father, Steve, with the document.

“I asked him whether he had been damaging the lamp post or causing a nuisance, but he insisted he hadn’t,” says Steve. “He’s not that kind of boy.”

But just what kind of a boy is he? And what are the odds on three boys all being enthused by a lamp post? The plot thickens…’

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