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Job For The Boy

by | 27th, March 2006

‘WHAT we suspected moves one step closer to being proved true. When we heard that Prince Edward, ‘The Weed In Tweed’ (TWIT), had sworn on Australian TV, we wondered if he was not carving out a niche for himself as Prince Philip’s protégé.

‘Where the trigger?’

Eddie needs to do something, so why not be the Family embarrassment?

Charles has his pet begonia and organic biscuits; Andrew has golf and more golf; Anne has horses and hay; and Eddie has… Well, that’s just it, what does Eddie have? He’s failed at being an impresario and a Royal Marine, so why not have a bash at being his dad?

So after the “bloody” outburst Down Under, we read in Hello! that Eddie is all set to take over the running of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

What more fitting person to oversee the development of the young via rugged and charitable pursuits than Eddie? The Duke is 85, and Eddie, a “full-time royal”, is not exactly overstretched.

Eddie considers his future. “I think that there is a sword of Damocles having over me, that it’s almost inevitable,” says Eddie of his exciting new role. With enthusiasm like that, Eddie is sure to be a sensation.

Eddie’s credentials for handing out awards are impeccable. Besides his dad being the scheme’s founding father, Eddie has a gold Duke of Edinburgh Award of his own, completing the sports element of the award when he took up real tennis.

Eddie is nothing less than an inspiration. And not just to schoolchildren and real tennis fans, but to young offenders. “Each step of the way someone is going ‘well done’ and some of these guys have never had a pat on the back in their lives,” says Eddie.

Nor, for that matter, a kick up the backside. But we digress…’

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