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by | 27th, March 2006

‘HEY, Prince Eddie, what yer playing at? No sooner have we compared TWIT to his father than we see a shot of the young rapscallion smooching with a borrowed blonde on a yacht.

Eddie and a friend

But before we get too excited, we realise that this is not Eddie, but another royal. It is Prince Albert of Monaco, Eddie’s Eurotrash doppelganger.

We were mistaken. But we were correct is noting that the blonde is not Sophie Countess of Wessex, Eddie’s fragrant wife, but Charlene Wittstock.

Looking at Albert manfully standing on the deck of a swanky boat as it bobs and gently rolls on sparkling waters around the Maldives, it’s easy to see how the 48-year-old blueblood pulled a 28-year-old South African sportswoman.

And if marriage is on the cars – and Hello! hears rumours that an engagement may well be imminent – Albert need not worry.

If any rich man can sweep a younger girl off her feet – a rich man dressed in a huge pair of Stars And Stripes shorts – it is Albert. Or, at a push, Eddie…’

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