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Addicted To Love

by | 27th, March 2006

‘“WHY on earth did Kate spend the night with Potty Pete?” asks the Mirror on its front page.

Is Pete spinning her a line?

This Kate is, naturally, “blotchy-faced” Kate Moss and Pete is “troubled” Peter Doherty. The Mirror says the pair have been spotted getting back together.

We read on and learn that after “partying”, Kate and Pete both spent the night at the London home of young British artist Jake Chapman.

And we wonder why? It is not as if Kate needs Pete, having ditched drugs and seen her modelling career duly restored. And Pete has been doing pretty well in his post-Moss solo project, appearing at a courtroom near you, kicking reporters and forgetting what day of the week it is.

But the two cannot keep apart. And the double act is looking all set to reform. As Pete is wont to put it, they will be together “4 eva”.

Indeed, the Mirror says Moss is now Doherty’s girlfriend. And to keep her sweet, it hears that he is preparing to detox at a secret venue after Moss told him to clean up or else.

This is, of course, terrific news. But not everyone is delighted. While Pete’s drug dealers downsize, the Sun says that Moss’s mum is less than pleased with her daughter’s choice of lover.

A friend of mum Linda tells the paper: “She has gone loopy that Kate is back with Pete. It has made for a very tense Mother’s Day.”

But Linda, who spent Mothering Sunday with her daughter, should not worry too much – yet. A source, described as being close to Moss, tells the paper that things are not as they once were. “They’re not having a physical relationship,” says the insider.

Even if, as a source tells the Star, the couple have been “in close contact” the past four weeks, they are not an item in the Biblical sense.

Although what sense has to do with it is debateable…’

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