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A Dog’s Dinner

by | 27th, March 2006

‘HERE’S a headline that sounds just great: “DOG FOOD HEALTHIER THAN A McDONALD’S”.

Suddenly Barry felt full of life and bounce

Of course, if you feed your dog a Big Mac and fries, this headline is not applicable. And it might not be entirely true. Rather like a succulent all beef patty enshrined in a soft white bap, the headline tastes better than the filling.

The news is that scientists have discovered that a container of Gourmet Gold cat food (cost: 38 pence) contains 2.9 of fat per 100g. A portion of Kentucky Fried Chicken chicken pieces hosts 23.2g (poa) of fat per portion. A McDonald’s Big Mac and fries (£2.87) is laced with 12g of fat.

Of course, statistics can confuse. And the Mail looks at the results of John Searle, who carried out the study at the Global food-testing laboratory, and notes that a Big Mac and medium fries is saturated with 24.8g of fat.

Whichever set of data you believe, the apparent truth is that there is more fat in some mass produced take-away food than there is in meaty chunks in jelly, rabbit pâté and squirrel terrines. As the Gourmet cat food website boasts, their food offers the “ultimate feline dining experience”.

The same cannot be said of a McDonald’s or KFC, although the Colonel’s bucket often proves more than useful.

And what goes for cats, goes for dogs. The Star says Cesar Dog food contains 4.4g of fat per 100g. And both cat and dog food contains lower levels of salt and sugar than human varieties.

What this means, at least to the Mail, is that “your dog’s dinner may be healthier than your ready meal.”

But before you crack open a tin of Chum in search of that glossy coat, a to-die-for wet nose and a bouncier you, realise that such foods are low in fibre.

Which could mean it is not yet time to get on the pet food diet. Until you can get rabbit in jelly with added fibre, best keep eating the normal stuff – like a pig…’

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