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Love Letters

by | 27th, March 2006

‘JORDAN is a smart girl. Those letters after her name – “FF” – have been earned through hard work, dedication and no little skill. And right it is that Jordan should reap the benefits of Messers Nip ‘n’ Tuck’s finest work. She paid the money. She took the chances.

Invisibility is but a dream

But Jordan is more than the sum of her parts. Spotted attending a celebrity cricket match in Mumbai, the mod-el has an enormous ‘H’ and ‘J’ hanging from her neck.

Do these letters point the way ahead for career girl Jordan? Does ‘H’ come after ‘FF’? If so, what about ‘G’? And is the ‘J’ a sign that Jordan is less than balanced, one part a bigger star than the other?

OK! solves the puzzle. It tells us that these are the initials of Jordan’s children – Harvey (that’s the ‘H’) and Junior (the ‘J’).

And then there’s pint-sized Peter, Mr Jordan. He has the letter ‘A’ on is baseball cap and “HCO” etched in white on his pink T-shirt.

What does it mean? Are Jordan and Pete talking to us and each other in code? And, if they are, why are they doing it now? Have the couple who turned their wedding into a fairground sideshow tired of playing out their lives before the invited cameras?

It would seem so. In an extensive photospread centred on the news that the pair plan to renew their wedding vows in Disney World, Florida, Pete says that if he had magical powers he would make himself invisible.

Problem is, Jordan and Peter are too giving. Katie says that she and Pete “care”. “We want to share.”

Which means it is unlikely they will retire, realising that we need them in all our lives. And whether ‘J’, ‘H’ or ‘FF’, there is more than enough of her, and a little of him, to go around…’

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