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Me, Myself & Ronald McDonald

by | 27th, March 2006

‘IT was the worst of times, it was the most chavtastic of times… No. Too dated.

The write stuffing

Many years later, as she faced the firing squad, Kerry Katona was to remember that distant afternoon when… No. Too unlikely.

Somewhere in Warrington, in a place whose name I do not care to remember… Yes. That’s the thing.

And so begins the quixotic life story of Kerry Katona, a tale of two places (Warrington and Iceland), a story of post-Brian McFadden solitude. Call me Adrian Mole.

Kerry is writing her autobiography, and OK! spots her wandering around some of her old haunts doing a little haunting.

Fitting, then, that she should take with her ghostwriter. And for good measure, a Dictaphone, a camera, a Lisa Hinge and a dog called Pudsey.

But while Kerry remembers the good times, the bad times and to pick up a restorative McDonald’s, she gives us all a taste of things to come via her diary.

Kerry has a cyst on her ovary. Like Jennifer Aniston, she too is sick of being seen a victim (A victim of what? Answers to the usual address). And she WILL be watching the World Cup on the telly this summer.

It is a rainy cold day in March, and the clocks are striking thirteen…’

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