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Tea & Crumpet

by | 28th, March 2006

‘HANDS up who has slept with Barbra Streisand. Ok, we realise the singer may not be the brightest pop star in the firmament, but know that if you do have intimate memories of her, you are in grand company.

He’s behind you!

Writer Christopher Anderson claims Streisand has slept with Warren Beatty, Liam Neeson, Omar Sharif, Ryan O’Neal, John Voigt, Andre Agassi and Don Johnson.

If you are now feeling more confident, and all set to raise your hand in the air, we think it only fair to tell you that the author also claims Streisand has slept with Prince Charles.

This unauthorised biography, entitled The Way She Is, claims that Charles and Barbra enjoyed a private audience in 1994, two years after his split from Diana.

Though dating future wife Camilla at that time, Charles is said to have met Streisand in Los Angeles and arranged to hook up at a “tea-date” at the city’s Bel-Air hotel.

This may be code. And the book quotes one Harold Brooks-Baker, the late managing director of Burke’s Peerage, saying that with the tea went crumpet.

“Well, Charles has ‘had a private tea’ with quite a long procession of women over the years,” says Brooks-Baker. He goes on: “Did anyone ever turn Charles down? Not to my knowledge.”

The paper says that Charles and Barbra have declined to comment on the story, which soon takes a new twist. The book claims that 13 years before he was killed in a car crash, Dodi Fayed also supped from Barbra’s china cups.

That Fayed went on to date the aforesaid Diana is not without interest. Not least for any of you still thinking about owning up to that Streisand romp…’

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