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The Fags Four

by | 28th, March 2006

‘WITH the smoking ban just underway in Scotland, and set to begin south of the border next year, we read that the keepers of the nation’s health are wiping history clean of the dreaded weed.

The Sun reports that a new version of The Beatles Capitol Albums Volume 2 has an altered image on the cover. The Fab Four are in their places but their smokes are not.

The original album cover shot, taken in 1964, featured all but George Harrison smoking a cigarette. But now the fags are gone. And, what’s more, two of Ringo Starr’s fingers have also been vanished.

Look out! It’s on fire

The message is clear: smoking has no place in modern Britain. And unless you do as ordered you are liable to have your fingers chopped off now or posthumously.

And what goes for the Sixties, goes too for Big Brother contestants. As the Star reports on its front page (“BIG BRO FAG BAN”), anti–smoking groups are calling on the show’s makers Endemol to ban the dreaded weed. Smoking has already been banned from the Australian version.

Says a spokesman for ASH (Action on Smoking And Health): “It seems remarkable that Chanel 4 warn viewers about swearing or sex scenes on the show and say nothing about the dangers of smoking.”

Quite. And what of the clear and present danger of smoking while swearing and having sex.

And while we are on it, why doesn’t the channel warn Big Brother viewers of the damage power stations – the ones that create electricity to power TVs and light the BB house – do to the environment?

For shame!’

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