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by | 30th, March 2006

‘AND the search for a new resident Islamic nutter goes on.

Bakri relaxes in his new flat

Not too far back finding a bearded loon to say something unpleasant was easy. A visit to the local benefits office would turn up no end of hairy self-styled clerics.

They’d tell you how evil you were and how unless all Muslim prisoners were released, Tony Blair resigned, Wham! reform etc., he and his scarfies (those yobbish Muslim yoofs with scarves wrapped gangsta-style around their faces) will kill you all.

Nowadays, things are harder and nutters are pretty thin on the ground. Which means the Sun is forced to look for Omar Bakri, the mad mullah in the green Ford Galaxy. And they’ve had to go to the Lebanon to find him.

It seems that the Tottenham Taliban has invested in the property market, buying a four-bedroom flat in Beirut for he and his brood.

For his £150,000, and the £100,000 refit, Bakri is the proud owner of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, four toilets, antiques from the Far East and a £5,000 sun awning on the balcony.

Neighbour Boutros Hahoon says the inside is decorated “like a palace”. “It seems as though he has made enough money to come to Beirut and live in luxury for the rest of his years.”

Good for him. Is it not the British dream to retire to the sun? But the Sun wants to know where the cash came from. So it asks Bakri. “What has it got to do with you?” he replies. “It is my money and it is none of your business where I got it or what I do with it.”

He may be right. Problem is that until the Press finds a new nutcase to gawp at, Bakri will remain the Sun’s business.

The search goes on…’

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