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Tara My Lover

by | 31st, March 2006

‘THERE are awards and there are the Ariel High Street Fashion Awards.

Whiter than white

And who better to present a gong on behalf of the white powder that is Ariel than former cocaine addict Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, the wealthy socialite who took the silver spoon from her mouth and shoved it up her nose.

But where is she? The great and good of the washing powder world are massed at the Natural History Museum, London, excited to see who will walk off with the prestigious Best Use of Egg Stains By A Celebrity trophy. But Tara isn’t there.

The Star pokes its head backstage and sees Tara sobbing. A source says T-P-T is sick of being asked about her alleged dalliance with singer James Blunt.

But, ever the pro, the show goes on. Tara dishes out the prize, and regains her composure long enough to tell the Mail about she and Blunt.

“If nothing had happened between James and I then I would have come right out and said nothing had happened,” says Tara. “And I haven’t done that, have I?”

No, she has not. So can we infer from her silence that she and the singer have shared intimate moments, as rumoured? “That’s your answer – it’s pretty easy to work out what I am saying. It’s not rocket science.”

Good that it isn’t. Tara is the ‘It’ girl who once claimed ‘my brain cell has just packed up again’. (Her host replied, ‘I know. I could see it sparkle.’)

This suggests that Blunt might have cheated on his heiress girlfriend Camilla Boler – a story at odds with the image of the doe-eyed crooner who had made his name singing love songs.

Although one of his hits is called Goodbye My Lover…’

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