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Keeping Her Powder Dry

by | 31st, March 2006

‘AS Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has shown, one white powder can look very much like another. For cocaine, read Ariel washing powder. For talc, read amphetamine sulphate.

Moss gets ready to dry out

It takes an expert to spot the difference between one white powder and another. And so it is that police have employed an authority in such matters to help them build a case against Kate Moss.

Whether this connoisseur is or is not T-P-T, the Sun is unable to say – this is an ongoing criminal matter and the media can only probe so deep.

But, as the Star says, the case against Moss might hinge on whether or not those photographs of Kate in a recording studio showed her chopping and snorting cocaine or some other substance, like caster sugar, anthrax or sherbet dib-dab.

And unless the nature of the powder is established, police fear that Moss will tell the Beak the stuff was talc and she was just pretending to take cocaine.

A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service tells the paper: “We are waiting for further evidence. We cannot make a final decision [to bring criminal charges against Moss] until we have had it all from the police.”

In the meantime, readers should try not to inhale talcum powder – even if fashionable Moss is doing it.’

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