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Abusive Phone Calls

by | 31st, March 2006

‘IF Kate Moss does wind up in choky on a cocaine rap, she could be in good company. The Mirror says that Moss’s catwalk mate Naomi Campbell has been arrested.

Campbell finds another use for a phone

Campbell is said to have attacked her housekeeper, a woman known only as Amie, hitting her on the head with a thrown mobile phone. This alleged assault caused Amie to have four stitches sewn into what police in New York are calling “substantial cuts”.

For her part, Campbell denies the charges. The Mirror hears her agent, Amanda Silverman, say it’s all a case of the maid’s bitterness at being sacked before the alleged assault. “We are confident the courts will see it the same way,” says she.

They might. But Campbell has form. As the Mirror says, in 2000, Campbell pleaded guilty to assault to hitting assistant Galanis, 38, with a telephone.

Italian actress Yvonne Scio claims Campbell left her “covered in blood” after a fight in a Rome hotel. Housekeeper Millicent Burton says she was scratched and punched badly enough to need hospital treatment.

And last year, Campbell’s assistant Amanda Black claimed her then boss beat her about the head with a Blackberry personal organiser.

Of course, none of these allegations should prejudice this new inquiry, and Campbell may be innocent of all allegations levelled against her.

And Kate Moss might have been snorting talcum powder…’

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