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A Bryer’s Market

by | 31st, March 2006

‘TANIA Bryer appears as a vision of “understated elegance in a blue top and burgundy slacks”.

Taxi for Bryer!

It’s not an outfit Hello! cares to reveal to its readers, realising, perhaps, that there is never a right time to wear burgundy slacks – unless, of course, you are an octogenarian Yiddisher mama seeing out your days in Boca Rotan.

When we do see Tania, she’s clad in a succession of cocktail dresses, two of which appear to be works in progress and another that seems to be made from silver anaglypta.

Tania is back in showbusiness, after “bowing out” for two years. This may or may not be a euphemism for being unemployed, we cannot say. All we know is Tania has returned, and she has the outfits to relaunch a career as a TV presenter.

She also has a father with Alzheimer’s, a sister who dabbled with drugs, a “real” marriage and “gorgeous”, “adorable” and “wonderful” children (pair of).

She’s a mother; she’s a sister; she’s a daughter; she’s a wife. Put that together, stick on some blonde hair and said anaglypta dress and you have the makings of a celebrity.

Now, if she can just get a job…’

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