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by | 4th, April 2006

‘THAT Condoleezza Rice and Jack Straw enjoy a close relationship is beyond question. Not only did the US Secretary of State visit Straw’s Blackburn locale, but after experiencing the wind, rain and holes, she is still talking to the Foreign Secretary. Indeed, they have embarked on a city break together.

Your cockpit or mine?

The Mail has a shot of the couple talking as they continue their honeymoon in Baghdad. Condi appears to be speaking, and to her right Straw is regarding her with a goofy grin writ large on his face.

And while Straw laughs at all Condi’s jokes, the Sun gives us a clue to just how far things have progressed with the pair. Says the paper’s headline: “CONDI: YOU CAN HOP INTO MY BED, JACK…”

Those suspiration points promise much, and we turn to the Mail, and read more of the incident Westminster types are calling ‘Bedgate’.

The story goes that on the flight to Kuwait – from where the couple went on to Baghdad – Straw looked tired. Rice noticed and duly offered him the use of her private cabin and bed.

When asked about the incident, a Foreign Office spokesman snootily tells the Sun: “We are more interested in foreign policy than in which bed he slept in.”

They night be, but the Mirror is not. The paper is excited about “Rice’s shock offer”. And we wonder why two such powerful figures boarded a jet for a seven-hour flight with only one bed on board?

And what the effects of sleep depravation are on Straw’s bodily defences…’

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