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Normality Is…

by | 4th, April 2006

‘“HOW have you achieved your fabulous figure?” OK! asks the questions that others dare not even think about.

The washing machine’s friend

Kate Winslet looks past her “tumbling blonde locks”. And OK! has more questions. Is Kate’s life “very glamorous?”. “How is that lovely family of yours?” “Does Mia see much of her dad?”

Kate, ever the professional, answers the question. Mia sees her dad. Mia loves her dad. Kate’s life is “normal”. “I cook and feed the washing machine,” says Kate. That might sound a little unusual to we who see the washing machine less of pet than an inanimate object, but such antics may well pass for the norm in fame’s starrier orbits.

And so we move seamlessly on to OK!’s next question: “How frustrating is it for you to read stories about your personal life, your looks and your weight?”

Says Kate: “It’s completely irrelevant and utterly boring.” Which seems like a good way to end, even if OK! does have another four questions to ask…’

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