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Teed Off

by | 6th, April 2006

‘LET us be honest for a moment – just for a moment, then we can carry on with the usual lies and misrepresentation.

A 4×4 ball

The decision to raise the amount drivers of 4x4s pay in road tax has nothing to do with saving the planet and everything to do with sticking it to the rich.

People who slap fake penalty notices on the windscreens of these so-called Chelsea tractors – as some jealous do-gooders in London have taken to doing – do so because they don’t like big expensive cars, and much less the people who drive them.

Mindful of that, we read in the Times that “eco-warriors” have attacked a golf course in protest at how much water the place soaks up.

The Times says that the attack on The Park course in Wick, near Bath, is part of a campaign to “reduce water wastage”.

And other courses in the area have been threatened. Letters have been sent to Lansdown Golf Club, Bath Golf Club, Entry Hill Golf Club and the Approach Golf Course

The missives demand that the courses reduce their water consumption by 25 per cent and return 10 per cent of their courses to nature. Failure to comply will result in the course suffering the same fate as The Park.

But what can the courses do to keep their greens intact and fairways unscarred? Jim Galley, manager of Bath Golf Club, says that protecting his course at all times is impossible: “What can we do?” he asks. “We can’t have guards out there 24/7.”

Only they can. They can introduce floodlights along the length of the course and pioneer cheap rates for night golfers.

And while the headlights are being fitted to golf carts, the gentlemen and players can reach the tees in their 4x4s…’

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