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Crossing Jordan

by | 6th, April 2006

‘“‘I DON’T love you any more, Katie.’ Peter’s words cut me like a knife and tears streamed down my face. ‘You can’t mean it,’ I said. ‘I love you.’ ‘It’s all right, baby,’ cooed Peter. ‘You were only dreaming.’”

The heroes of their own lives

It is easy to forgive Jordan her mental slip – confusing dreams with reality is so very easy when you are married to pint-sized Australian hunk Peter Andre and living the wonderful life.

Happily for us, Katie Price-Andre-Jordan has found time in her hectic schedule of magazine photoshoots and breast implanting to write a follow up to her autobiography Being Jordan.

In this weighty tome, an extract from which began this piece, Jordan lets us in on a Whole New World, reminding us that somewhere under the layers of make-up, the hair extensions, those gargantuan Jordans and Pete lies a woman.

And, like any woman, Katie has her insecurities. The Mirror has read Katie’s book, or at least bits of it, and wondered what the woman she refers to a “Lisa” looks like.

This “Lisa” is Peter Andre’s former lover, the woman of whom Katie writes: “He admitted that he’d s****ed her more than once…and he tried to laugh it off, saying he’d got cheap flights out of her.”

Therein lay the clues. And the Mirror duly brought the full might of its journalist skills to the case. Who was Lisa? And what did Katie mean by cheap flights?

And now we know. Lisa is one Nirmala Burns, a Virgin airhostess, a woman who looks not too unlike a wider-hipped version of Pete.

For her part, Nirmala has not responded to Katie’s accusations that she is a “cheeky bitch”, stopping only to offer a choice of tea or coffee and to point towards the emergency exits…’

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