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Goering Up

by | 10th, April 2006

‘IS it pronounced ‘Goering’?

You’re Goering home in ein St John’s ambulance…

We are unsure, and just ask England football supporters to take care when ordering their new “GER-ENG TRANSLATOR” T-shirts, less they invoke the spirit of Nazi leader Hermann Goering and upset their World Cup hosts.

As the Star reports, the “England 2006” T-shirt is available from the Asda chain of supermarkets, and features some key phrases to get the most Europhile England fan understood.

Helpfully, the German phrases are printed on the T–shirt’s back thus giving lads something to study as they queue up for “zehn pints von larger bitte, barman”.

This is just great. And, as the Star says, this mobile, man-sized phrasebook forms just one part of the “wacky products” “hordes of spectators stampeding over to watch the World Cup” will carry before them.

Other items include World War 2 hats bearing the legend “Come On England” – or “Vorld Vor Zwie Hets”, as England’s German speaking fans are wont to call them…’

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