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Like a Rolling Stone

by | 10th, April 2006

‘“MAYBE we should slow things down a little.” So says musician Jagger as he and his hand perform before their fans.

And Chris had a dream…

Not a chance of it. Granted, the sight of a man of late middle years prancing about on stage and gurning like he’s lost his dentures is unedifying. But if that is what the paying crowd at Littlecote House, Berkshire, demand, then the band and their leader must play on.

As the Mail says, the signer is one Chris Jagger, younger brother to Mick Jagger and leader of the not-all-that-popular beat combo Atcha!.

While big brother Mick was wowing the crowds of expats and censors on the Rolling Stones “Thousand Year Old Eggs” tour of China, Chris is entertaining a gathering of 170 souls in the Home Counties.

The Mail sees a family likeness as Chris leaps off stage and attempts to kick start his fans. He climbs onto a chair. He punches a clenched fist into the air. He struts. He is po-going on one leg in the manner of a demented flamingo.

Finally, in an effort to get someone to join the one fan on the dance floor – an elderly man with a “comb-over of silvery hair” – Chris takes hold of a female fan and swirls her round.

But still no-one dances. “Do we have to pay you to dance?” asks Chris. Or just play a Rolling Stones track?’

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