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Running Out

by | 12th, April 2006

‘THE drive to get us to grass up a water hog has tapped into our inner snitch. (See: Anorak “Water Fools”.)

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As the Guardian reports, so far 90 calls have been made to Thames Water’s hosepipe hog hotline. South East Water has taken 100 calls, and Three Valleys Water 124.

But the area’s tops grasses are Southern Water’s customers, giving the company a mighty 1,500 tip-offs. Of course, some of these may be repeat callers, and we can never rule out the civic minded do-gooder keen to see their neighbour brought to book. If next door’s immaculate lawn shrivels up and dies, so be it – this is for the common good.

Paula Campbell, a spokeswoman for Three Valleys Water, identifies a ‘very keen’ female caller. The woman is said to be a jogger who surveys the area as she pounds the pavement. “She says she is exhausted from all the running,” says Mr Campbell.

And what is the hose being used for? To water the garden? To give a colon a refreshing spritz. Or, as one caller asked, is he allowed to hose down his muddy dog?

“We are not trying to be Big Brother in terms of policing,’ says Ms Campbell. ‘It shouldn’t be, ‘Can I do it?’ but, ‘Is there a better way?’ It might be better to get a bucket of warm water, some baby shampoo, and sponge him off.’

It might be. Or it might just be better to lurk with said bucket behind a thirsty hedge and refresh a passing jogger. Call it sharing a shower, if it makes you feel better…’

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