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Seeing Is Believing

by | 13th, April 2006

‘“I JUST picked up something and knew at that moment she was pregnant because I notice things in people.” That’s what Tom Cruise has to say about the second he realised Katie Holmes was with child.

Is Katie a) pregnant; b) fat; c) shoplifting?

What Cruise picked up is not said, and it might have been a plastic stick marked “pregnancy test”. He might have picked up the anguished sounds of his girlfriend Katie Holmes pacing around the bathroom asking out loud how she can tell her Catholic parents that she is carrying a child out of wedlock.

Or Tom might have picked up something else entirely. The actor is a spiritual cove and might have picked up something alien in Katie’s manner.

And, as the Mirror reports, we wonder if Tom’s talents go further. Does he know the sex of his unborn child, due in a few weeks?

We who have seen the massive protuberance around the Holmes midriff imagine her to be carrying an entire spaceship of beings.

But Tom is the expert. What does he think? “I don’t know,” says he. “I just see a baby.” Eat your heart out Nostradamus, Tom’s visionary power’s are setting new standards in the prediction game.

And that’s not all. Tom can look backwards just as easily as he can peer forwards. Over in the Sun he says that his first date with Holmes was “the greatest day” of his life.

“She’s just right for me,” says Tom, telling us how the feelings he has for his current flame are stronger than anything he experienced with ex-wives Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman.

Neither of whom fell pregnant during their time with Tom…’

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