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by | 13th, April 2006

‘THE Anorak Festival of music promises to be a truly awesome event. We’ve already lined up some great acts.

Exit Gates

There’s Steve Brookstein, winner of TV’s X-Factor in 2004 and a bar of Topic at a social club in Stockwell at the age of four.

He’s to be joined on stage by Michelle McManus. Since winning Pop Idol in 2003, Michelle has lost 8st and dropped from a size 26 to a 16. She’s also been singing for her pine nuts on TV’s You Are What You Eat.

It’s going to be a great show. But, sadly, Gareth Gates cannot make it. As the Sun reports, the star has been dropped by his record label.

When Gareth came second to Will Young in Pop Idol 2002, few doubted that his trademark mix of spiky hair and stammering would make him an enduring star.

He even had a unique stage trick, in which he would turn his back to the audience and circumvent his stammer by playing a tape recording of him thanking the crowd for their support and saying a big hello to wherever he was performing.

Gareth was a big star. And he attracted still bigger stars, notably Jordan, with whom he dallied in a hotel room after his final appearance on Pop Idol.

But it was all too much for one man to handle (see Jordan), and rather than becoming the new Peter Andre, Gareth has become a taller version of the old Peter Andre, slipping into obscurity after a couple of hits.

Gareth’s fans must not be too downhearted. After all, the Anorak Festival will still feature Darius Danesh, The Cheeky Girls, Rik Waller, Suzanne Shaw, Danny Foster, Noel Sullivan, Javine…’

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