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by | 18th, April 2006

‘DID you leave your car in the Highgate area of north London last Sunday morning and return to find it damaged? Do you want the good news or the less good news?

Who did it?

The less good news is that your white Peugeot estate has suffered contusions to the rear. The Mail has a picture of the damage, which should aid any insurance claim.

The good news is that it is alleged that your car was struck by a navy blue Range Rover Vogue driven by George Michael. Your car has a celebrity prang.

And the drivers of a white Rover and a Ford Fiesta may also like to regale their nearest and dearest with the tale of how their car came to be shunted by the singer.

But first let us hear from an eyewitness to the incident, one Carole Mallett, a teacher. It is around 7:45am and she hears an “almighty crash”. An alarm goes off. “I saw a Land Rover with tinted windows and it had bashed into a Peugeot. I thought it was a criminal from looking at the car.” She adds: “The three cars were absolutely squashed.”

Another witness tells the Sun: “It was as if he was trying to park in a space that wasn’t there. It was a spectacle of insanity.”

The allegation is that the damage was caused by George Michael. If true, then departing from the scene of an accident without leaving insurance details is a criminal offence that, as the Mail says, could see George jailed for up to six months.

However the Sun does hear rumours that the star has owned up and agreed to pay for any repairs without involving insurance firms and the police.

But where is George? The Sun says the star “IS IN HIDING”. And he is refusing to discuss the incident with even his closest pals and agent.

So if you see George, let us know – and get out of the way. George is the one in the balaclava…’

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