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Beach Ball

by | 18th, April 2006


‘Whadya mean the Pope’s not coming?’

Having yet to receive an invitation to any do, we, like the paper, are unsure. But evidence suggests that something could be brewing.

The Mirror says that Jolie has ordered her “squad” of bodyguards to keep everyone off the African beach where she Pitt and her adopted two children are staying.

What is more, Brad has, apparently, been visiting private lodges that specialise in beach weddings.

An insider tells the paper that Brad’s bother Doug is flying out and so too some of her family.

And then there’s the fact that the pair have rented out every room at the Burning Shore beach hotel in Walvis Bay. They want things to remain private.

Massive cloth screens have been erected outside the couple’s beachside lodge. A nearby bar owner has, as the paper reports, been paid to stay away until the family Pitt-Jolie leave town on their private jet standing by.

And not everyone is impressed. “It’s ridiculous,” says one local. “This is Walvis Bay, it’s a small town… Nobody cares if it’s the Pope himself.”

Not that the Pope is about to preside over the ceremony uniting two divorcees and their unborn child conceived out of wedlock. Although, such is the level of security, would we know if he ever did?’

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