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No Defence

by | 19th, April 2006

‘“THIS is the picture that will horrify Arsenal soccer chief,” write the Sun, and we are concerned.

‘One nil to the Arsenal’

Is this is a shot of the team’s superstar Thierry Henry at a clandestine meeting with Tottenham Hotspurs’ board? Is the photograph of a player entwined with George Michael and a suggestive pink tutu?

No. This is the War on Terror and the picture is that of Sun reporter Anthony France standing inside Arsenal’s new state-of-the-art stadium.

Having posed as a workman – see hard hat, fluorescent jacket and possible builder’s crack – France strolled “UNCHALLENGED” past a security guard and made his way to the side of what will be the pitch.

France then deftly maintained his ingenious disguise by wandering around aimlessly for 40 minutes. He sat on seats “reserved for aces like Thierry Henry”. He walked down the players’ tunnel. He checked out the home team’s changing room. And, as evidence suggests, he posed for a photograph.

This is deeply fascinating, and only gets more so when the Sun wonders what could have happened had France been a terrorist.

As an “insider” says: “Everyone knows major sporting stadiums are a target. If al-Qaeda wanted to blow it up it would be their easiest ever job.”

Indeed, detonating a bomb inside an empty stadium cannot be all that hard for terrorist masterminds.

But the Sun has overlooked one key fact. No, not that letting of a handheld explosive in a cavernous building might have passed off unnoticed. The Sun has ignored the fact that Osama bin Laden, the shadowy leader of al-Qaeda, is an Arsenal fan.

He’s not exactly likely to blow up his team’s new ground. Now, if this was White Hart Lane, the might be a case to answer. Altogether now (in a whisper): “He’s hiding near Kabul/ He loves the Arsenal/ Osama/ Oh oh oh oh!”

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