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Careless Driver

by | 19th, April 2006

‘“DRUGS COULD KILL GEORGE,” thunders the Mirror’s front page, and we fear this is all too true.

Car Parky

Drugs do not kill everyone. It is a well documented truth that Keith Richards, for instance, cannot be killed by conventional methods. One rocker’s poison might be another’s elixir.

But George Michael is no Richards. And so it is that the Mirror hears one Toby Bourke explain to police that George’s addiction to cannabis might be endangering the singer’s life.

“The drugs have turned him into a stoned waster,” says Bourke who duetted with the singer on the hit song Waltz Away Dreaming.

“When you smoke as many spliffs as he has done you simply cease to function,” says Bourke. “Cannabis has destroyed his career and I’m really worried it could now endanger his life.”

For those of you not versed in the vernacular of the drugs trade, a spliff is a marijuana cigarette, the smoking of which induces a high which has been known to inspire creative types to heightened levels of endeavour.

It is debatable whether the toxic weed has ruined George’s career, as Bourke claims, but we are concerned that it could be his undoing.

Inside the paper, over two pages, readers hear that George is “too stoned to make music” and that “he smoked 20 joints a day”.

Bourke says George sometimes had a joint for breakfast. We hear how George hired hypnotist Paul McKenna to wean him off his drug of choice, and that it failed. And Bourke tells us how the star got really into feng shui, the ancient art of arranging furniture, straightening the towels and closing the toilet seat to ensure a maximum flow of energy.

Bourke recalls the time he received a call from George’s record label Aegean, to which he had signed. Bourke heard an excited voice tell him that after a break of two months things were set to really take off because George had just feng shui’d the office.

Bourke has much to say. But rather than just listen to him, the Star says you can hear George speak for himself when he is interviewed by TV’s Michael Parkinson on Saturday.

Last time George was on the show, he talked about drugs and his 1998 arrest for a lewd act with an undercover American cop.

This time we will be interested to hear more of George’s views on drugs and learn what he was tying to when he, allegedly, smacked his car into three parked vehicles.

And how feng shui-ing the street is not always a good idea…’

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