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Fruits Of Her Labour

by | 21st, April 2006

‘MELONS Windsor, nee Helen, has always managed to turn an eye with her “cool elegance”, “delicate blonde beauty” and blueblood roots.

Seed money

Melons, daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Kent and cousin on the Queen, is not all that often in the news, as Hello! rightly says.

Rather than dressing up as a Nazi, prancing about on TV game shows and sucking toes like her royal kin, Melons prefers the quieter life with art dealer husband Tim Taylor and their four children Columbus, Cassius, Eloise and Estella.

Or at least she did. Because Melons has an important role to play which involves what Hello! breathlessly calls a “special” visit to Shanghai.

It’s not all gym and Pilates for Melons, who has, as Hello! observes, regained her size 10 figure. And that’s when she’s not having cranial osteopathy and acupuncture sessions.

Melons is a tireless professional, working as a roving ambassador for that most noble of causes that is Giorgio Armani.

Melons’ works with Armani began when she first started wearing the designer’s clothes in the 1990s. Since those heady life altering moments when Armani gave her a trouser suit for free, Melons has stuck with the cause through thick, pregnant and now thin times.

She has been to Milan and watched the master draw the designs for her post-wedding going-away outfit. “I carried on wearing his clothes and after about six years it became a proper role,” says Melons.

“It’s a bit like being a fashion diplomat,” says Melons. “It’s inspiring.”

Indeed it is. And now it is Melons’ turn to inspire the good men and women of Shanghai to take a look at her style and realise that they too can look blonde, slim and regal…’

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