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Passing Out

by | 21st, April 2006

‘IT’S not all that often you see the Queen smiling. So when we see her toothsome grin in Hello!” we wonder as to the cause of her amusement.

Smile and the world wonders why

Has husband Philip made some hilarious quip about fuzzy wuzzies? Has one of her beloved corgis taken a determined grip on the leg of a paparazzo? Is her smile a menacing precursor before she steps in for the kill?

Before her stands a row of smartly liveried soldiers, graduates from Sandhurst. And in their number is one grill-haired cove by the name of Prince Harry.

It is Harry’s passing out parade, and perhaps this scamp has done something to amuse his granny?

We also note how in another shot Second Lieutenant Wales is aping his granny’s look and sallying forth a huge cheesy grin.

What words have been exchanged between the two? Did Liz flip her teeth in and out of their fixings in the manner of so many octogenarians? Or was Harry recalling his visit to a local lap dancing club and flashing back to happy days in the Rattlebone Inn?

Perhaps that and more…’

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