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See Manchester Or Die

by | 21st, April 2006

‘“I ENJOYED my exit storyline…and to go out on a death was great,” says Hannah Waterman of the demise of her EastEnders character Laura Beale. “What you don’t want is to get in the back of a cab and go to Manchester!”

Taxi to Manchester, love?

That would indeed be far worse than any death. And, in any case, old EastEnders actors never go to Manchester – they go to London’s Sunhill police station and star in ITV’s The Bill.

And true to form Hello! tells us that Hannah, daughter of actor Dennis Waterman, has trod a well worn beat and is all set to make her debut in The Bill’s home for retired EastEnders actors.

Hannah says her character is called Fern, a mum of two who cries a lot and has a miserable life. Hannah says Fern is “very different from anyone I have ever played before, especially Laura Beale (EastEnders) who had ONE child and cried a lot and endured a miserable life.

And fell down the stairs and died.’

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