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by | 21st, April 2006

‘“GEORGE was in a bad place.” No doubt about that. Slumped in the front seat of a jeep by the side of the road is no place for an international pop star like George Michael to be.

This place ain’t big enough for the both of them

Not that Elton John, who uttered that line about his fellow performer, was talking about any place in the physical sense.

We live in the new age of therapy speak, when a place is a state of mind, a staging post on the journey of life.

George Michael is no more wandering the corridors of a London hotel dressed in a balaclava looking for sex than he is parked up by London’s Hyde Park, asleep at the wheel and in the company of bondage gear and illicit drugs.

What Elton meant in 2004 was that: “There appears to be a deep-rooted unhappiness in his [George’s] life.”

Only there wasn’t – well, not until George heard Elton’s comments and took them to heart. “I WENT TO POT OVER ELTON,” runs the Star’s front-page headline.

As George tells Michael Parkinson in a TV interview: “My soap opera launched from that. Elton said I was miserable and from that point I’ve been trying to prove I’m not.”

He goes on: “From that point I’ve suffered an almost kind of wishful thinking from the press. It’s made me incredibly vulnerable.”

Don’t worry about not fully understanding what George is saying and just be happy that he is talking. Remember what we said about this being the age of therapy. Here, it seems, is George using Parkinson as his counsellor.

The last time George was on the show, he talked about drugs and his 1998 arrest for a lewd act with an undercover American cop. Now here he is telling Parky about why he has been the subject of other salacious stories.

Of his nap in Hyde Park, George says: “It’s easy to fall asleep there.” And on the matter of, allegedly, damaging three cars, George says: “I only pulled out of a parking space badly.” The parking space was “tight”. He was on a “steep hill”. Honestly occifer, that’s the truth.

But while Parkinson replaces the leatherette chairs on which his guests sit with couches, the Star tells us that – shock of shocks – George is all set to tour for the fist time in 15 years.

George is going back on the road. And, maybe, even sleeping by the side of it…’

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