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Taking Libertines

by | 21st, April 2006

‘BACK for another performance at Thames Magistrates’ Court, Pete Doherty assumes his usual place in the dock and prepares to give the crowd what they want.

Pete Doherty – coming to a court near you. See press for details

He duly pleads guilty to charges of drug possession – heroin, cannabis and crack cocaine. Judge Jane McIver drums her fingers on her plinth and taps a toe in time to the beat.

“It is going to be a long and slow process but you are showing significant signs of compliance and effort,” says Judge McIvor in a departure from the usual clapping, cheering and even whooping that follows one of Doherty’s gigs.

Judge McIver may be a critic, but she is no killjoy and spares Doherty a prison sentence, sentencing him to a community order with two years’ supervision and 18 months’ drug rehabilitation. She also bans him from driving for six months.

Doherty has escaped prison. This is a verdict all the more remarkable considering that in February the former Libertines singer was given a 12-month community order for drug possession.

And Judge McIvor may not have to wait long for another front-row seat at a Doherty performance. As the Sun reports, not long after escaping jail, Doherty was nicked for suspected drugs offences by plain-clothes police officers.

The paper say that the pop “f***wit” was nabbed in Spitalfields, East London. Substances were found on his person and sent for tests.

If these are proven to be class A drugs, Doherty could once again be set to utter his time-honoured phrase: “Hello, Thames Magistrates’ Court. It’s good to be back. Whooh!”

Take him away, your honour…’

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