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TB Or Not TB

by | 24th, April 2006

‘EVERY day of every week the Mail thinks up imaginative ways to remind you that life is cruel and you are going to experience pain and die.

Here is a selection of things that will kill you and yours from last week’s paper of doom…


Bank Holiday – bird flu, aggressive Iranians with nuclear ambitions, Noel Edmonds, BNP on every doorstep, Angela Merkel’s swimsuit, Tony Blair’s weather machine and more…



“Children’s hospitals warn over cuts in lifesaving surgery” – the London hospital and Alder Hey hospital, Liverpool, want more money or they may have to cut the number of operations they perform

“THE FIRST GOUND ZERO – This was San Francisco 100 years ago today, after a cataclysmic earthquake which killed more people than 9/11. And what terrifies America is the knowledge that it will happen again” – Natural disaster and mass murder; it’s all the same to the Mail

“I begged for a Caesarean, but the medics knew better. Then they told me they’d lost my baby’s heartbeat” – Mother Sadie Nicholas and her healthy sons know best

“The brain surgery was painless. But the cage they screwed onto my head was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” – Micha Hardin talks about her Gamma Knife Surgery

“Now gun city is also the burglary capital” – Nottingham has its new hoods

“Allergy prescriptions soar by 600pc – The number of people developing life-threatening allergies is accelerating dramatically”

“Sorry, sir, but that’s enough self-medication for one night” – Mental Health Foundation report says “excessive drinking can change the chemistry of the brain and lead to mental health problems”



“NHS bungle puts GPs on £1/4m a year…but it can’t afford to give diabetics inhalers” – Family doctors are earning up to £250,000 a year and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence says it does not think insulin inhalers – an alternative to injections – are worth the money



“NHS ‘wastes millions overpaying for drugs’” – London School of Economics research says Health Service overpaying for prescription drugs, including insulin

“Too weak to move but Bupa hospital ordered me home” – Martin Fennemore tells us what happened when his medical insurance ran out after an operation. Only it hadn’t…



“A kick in the teeth – My dentist pulled out six of my teeth on the NHS and then said he was going private…now it’ll cost £3,000 to put in a new set” – Darren Wheeler can whistle for his free teeth

“DRIPPING SCANDAL – Victims say they have been left scarred, crippled and diseased…but it seems that for 20 years the true scale of the Camelford water scandal has been covered up. Only now is the poisonous truth emerging” – News on Britain’s worst drinking water pollution incident

“90,000 migrants from TB zone enter Britain without a medical test” – Immigrants might have tuberculosis. Watch out!’

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