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Celebrity Death Race

by | 25th, April 2006

‘WAS it a cry for help? David Bedford, director of the London Marathon, says that Jade Goody’s attempt to win the race was “almost at times suicidal”.

‘Isn’t a Marathon like a Snickers?’

“For her to think ‘I’m just going to walk around’ and not even be able to do that shows she’s done nothing and isn’t in good shape,” says Bedford.

Jade has, of course, done plenty. Jade has been on Big Brother and starred in two fitness videos. How many marathon runners can say that?

Granted, Jade is not possessed of the runner’s classic lithe form and is shaped like a kebab spit but is this any time to comment on her looks? Can it be right to talk of suicide then attack Jade’s shape and career?

We think not and, as Jade tells the Star, “Bearing in mind I’m eating takeaways, I did all right.”

And she did no worse than some other athletes, like GMTV presenter Andrew Castle.

Whereas Jade just trotted up to the marathon start line and made a decent fist of completing the course, former tennis pro Andrew Castle trained like a good ‘un.

As Andrew said on the GMTV website before his big run: “It is my first marathon. I feel there may be more in me because I have enjoyed the challenge of training, the solitude of running and the fact that I have a sporting goal.”

Now fast forward to the Sun where Andrew is seen being held upright by two policemen. Andrew’s crime is to have broken down after 24 miles.

The Sun says that he weaved and staggered into other runners before police took him to the side of the road for medical treatment.

“The blood pressure was very low,” says Andrew, “and they couldn’t find a heartbeat – I was being sick everywhere.” He tells of his “tunnel-vision” and an “out-of-body experience”.

He recalls seeing people looking at him. A voice says: “‘It’s Andrew from GMTV!’ I fell at their feet.”

Andrew really does appreciate his fans. But some of us are surely concerned. Do we dare believe that, like Jade, Andrew’s efforts to complete the gruelling race were also suicidal?

The Sun says it was meant as a joke, but when Andrew says he was texting his pals and asking “Which organ would you like when I’m finished” we hear a more worrying message.

Was Andrew’s race a cry for help? Are we embarking on a sorry quest to see which of our celebrities can occupy that place in our hearts reserved for the plucky British loser?’

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