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Away From Holmes

by | 26th, April 2006

‘WHEN we stop the clock, we realise that Tom Cruise has been pressing flesh for three hours.

‘Your placenta or mine?’

Usually when Hollywood stars arrive in London’s Leicester Square for a film premier they remain in the open for as long as it takes to be photographed and not shat on by a pigeon or approached by some mad old crone selling ‘lucky’ heather.

But Cruise, in London to promote the movie Mission Impossible 3, seems intent on meeting each of the 3,000 crowd personally.

The Mail looks on as Cruise poses for photos, talks to fans and their friends on mobile phones and even takes hold of a child thrust eagerly into his arms by a female admirer.

That child is soon retuned, but Tom’s arms are aching for more and he soon picks up another tot and cradles her to his chest.

And then there are the gifts to harvest. Cruise is handed toys, flowers, balloons and cards. The Mirror looks on as actor Jamie Foxx dashes over to give Tom a Harrods hamper of goodies.

Inside the basket are baby towels, bath salts, a baby throw, a Paddington bear and a chavtastic array of Burberry goods, including a skirt and matching top.

“Your movie is going to do amazing,” says Jamie, “but don’t forget you’ve got something more amazing back home.”

Indeed, that adult-sized dummy is a wonder to behold, so too the home delivery room and the gallery of signs urging quiet during the birth.

And then there are Katie Holmes and young Suri. They are back in Los Angeles waiting for dad. But dad is taking a long time with his people. Does he really love the fans so much or is he just delaying a return home?

Of course we are wrong. Tom is enraptured by his new family. How can we even suppose for a moment that he is taking a breather from the strains of fatherhood. It’s not as if he’s taken up golf. Not yet…’

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