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by | 26th, April 2006

‘“I LOVE the name Lucas,” says Coleen McLoughlin, “which comes from the Latin word for light.”

The face that launched a thousand shell suits

And that is not all. Coleen is equally expert in Old English and Persian, noting how Ava, her favourite name for a girl, means “breath of life and waterfall”, respectively.

Doubtless Coleen could tell us that Wayne is an occupational surname meaning ‘wagon maker” in Old English and “scorer of goals and older women” in Scouse. Coleen means “she who shops” or “a shopper”.

Coleen also means money – lots of it. As the Mail reports, Coleen’s earning potential is considerable. The paper says that over the course of 2006, Coleen has earned almost as much as her pugnacious lover, pulling in around £6million.

Coleen has lent her face and frame to mobile phones, sporting goods, supermarkets, fitness videos, magazine columns and is soon to have her first book published.

But she will have to go some to match the world’s top celebrity endorsers. Top of the heap is Catherine Zeta Jones, raking in £11.5m for her contract with T-Mobile. Angelina Jolie get £7m for promoting St John, Nicole Kidman earns £7m for using Chanel No5 and Jessica Simpson gets £4.3m for Guthy-Renker.

This is far more than the £1.5 million his ‘n’ hers deal Coleen and Wayne get for promoting Asda – but then they do get to wear complimentary matching shell suits…’

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