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by | 27th, April 2006

‘“YOU’RE the first in my life/ To make me think/ That we might just go all the way…”

And one World Cup

That’s a verse from the official England World Cup song by Embrace. It might sounds like some adolescent teen dreaming of losing his virginity, but it is a football song sure to inspire the lads to score on the pitch.

But the Sun thinks something more dynamic is needed. So it has published its own anthem. It’s based on the theme tune to the TV show Dad’s Army, a series set in World War II.

The song includes the “catchy” lyrics “Who do you think you are kidding Jurgen Klinsmann? If you think we’re on the run…”

Clearly the song is utterly dreadful. But there is better to come. And it mentions the war in more overt ways.

The writer of this tune is Justin Hawkins, lead singer of Queen tribute band, The Darkness. The Sun says that Justin is “horrified” that England’s official anthem ignores our 1945 victory over the Bosch.

“Why can’t we commemorate all those men who gave their lives in the name of freedom in the war?” asks Justin. “And, of course, in this case – to bash The Hun. It’s a national sport.”

Well, if you can’t beat them at football, you can at least out sing them.

So take it away, Justin: “We fought them on the beaches now we’ll pay them on the field. Once again the world will surely yield.”

And then there’s the middle bit. Justin’s chorus is based on the German national anthem. Justin says the word “England” in time to the oompah band’s Teutonic beat.

It is nothing less than inspired. But will it be enough?’

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