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Pigging Out

by | 27th, April 2006

‘ANYONE interested in bidding for the gown Keira Knightly wore to the Oscars – proceeds from the auction go to drought-ravaged east Africa – should know that it is wafer-thin size 6.

Jade and that dress

The only people who might actually fit into the thing are other skinny actresses and mo-dels, the pre-pubescent and, ironically, anyone trying to scratch a meal together in east Africa.

Of course, this will not stop women hankering for the Vera Wang original. It is not the dress that is too small, they will tell themselves, it is they who are too big.

Such are the pressures to be slim that a Dr Rudolf Uher and colleagues at Kling’s College London Institute of Psychiatry have found that women “have a complicated reaction to food because of social pressure”. They are conditioned to feel guilty about eating.

And so to the news that Big Brother star, occasional marathon runner and kebab enthusiast extraordinaire Jade Goody is, as the Star reports, “hooked” on slimming pills.

She took one just before her London Marathon debut and once mixed them with absinthe at a children’s party.

Jade says she is upset by the “Miss Piggy” jibes and has become concerned that she is losing out to slimmer celebs, like Chantelle Houghton.

And Jade may not be worrying for nothing. A look in the Sun shows that in FHM magazine’s list of the world’s 100 sexiest women, Chantelle romps home in 50th place. Jade is nowhere.

But Jade, and women like her, can take comfort from the news that while the aforesaid said Keira Knightly is top of the pile, Keeley Hazell is second.

Keeley is the buxom babe from Bromley who won the Sun’s Page 3 Idol competition. And the burgeoning news is that Keeley is getting bigger. “My breasts are still growing,” she tells the paper, “…they could end up the size of Jordan’s.”

And the rest of her could end up like Jade Goody. As Keeley says: “I live on takeaways – Indian food, pizza, greasy chicken and chips.”

What 21-year-old Keira lives on is anyone’s guess…’

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