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Idiot Box

by | 27th, April 2006

‘IF you saw a box with nails sticking out of it on the ground by London’s Shepherd’s Bush Tube station, what would you think?

Would you scream “Bomb!” and run away from the suspect package as quick as your wobbling legs would carry you? Or would you rub your chin and marvel at the intricate workmanship, reminiscent, as it surely is, of Syria’s Arts and Crafts movement?

As the Sun reports, when five suspect packages were spotted in West London, locals and police failed to appreciate the items’ artistic merits.

The area was cordoned off, public transport was stopped and emergency services called.

Meanwhile, while the bomb experts defuse a nail-studded cardboard box full of teddies, a woman walks into a police station and says that the packages are part of her performance art project. It is believed that she was making a “statement” about terrorism.

She is now making a statement to the police, who arrested her on suspicion of causing a public nuisance. And bad art.’

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